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amsDC provides technical translations primarily focussing IT, life sciences and enginerring with a defined aim and/or purpose on a target audience in certain circumstances. Therefore, it is not the language which is shipped, but the function of the information contained in a source text.

The applicable standard for providing quality services is EN 15038 which defines the core translation process including quality assurance and traceability. It specifies an empty framework of requirements for the contractees, the translation service providers (TSP), of amsDC with regard of technical and human resources, quality and project management as well as contractual considerations. It does not apply at all to operational productive organizations. So it is more or less useless for the translation process itself. There are no binding guidelines in regard of quality, performance or archiving requirements.

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The UML description of the translation process covers part of this process from the viewpoint of a translator, while our practical focus is on check lists, standard operating procedures, best practices, etc. Providing guidelines for all people involved in the process is the main purpose of these documents.


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Extensive experience with terminology was proven by extracting translation memories with MultiTerm and memoQ including the export into termbases and XL files. MT is definitely a nasty beast if comes up to importing, exporting, synonyms and cross-references, but it can be tamed. It is the black CAT, i.e. the dark side of computer-aided translations. We recommend standard database technologies for editing and mainting multilingual termbanks which can be exported to any translation memory-based software system with a few queries, scripts and settings.


Our charges are based on the number of words in the original source, the difficulty, the nature and the format, the quality expectations of the client and the deadlines, as well as any special request…