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Step by Step – File is Foul and Foul is File

Dear Mr Stockklauser, thank you very much!! Your help is truly appreciated ! I will do this test. I await your answer for tomorrow morning, in order to know if you feel like adding also the translation of the dwg files to the assigned work. ⊗ I thank you for your suggestions! ⊗ I am sorry to inform you that our client is unable to read/open the dxf format. I ask you to send me the files converted in dwg as soon as possible. ⊗ I agree this file is a monster !! Keep me updated, please ⊗ I am glad it is working !

Sandro Sanzò ♦

Nobody is Perfect

Comments are fine, sure, thanks Alois. I lifted some typos out of the files (inevitable, we both know that but I’m amazed of the quality of your work, your English is very good indeed, and damn man, you’re fast!!).

Olivier van Dijk ♦

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Cisco (EN → DE)

Low-level design of VoIP deployment for a railway

Container-Terminal Wilhelmshaven (EN → DE, DE → EN)

Request for proposal and quotation for the pavement of the terminal