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The Importance of CV's in Times of SEO

The optimization of a search engine is a difficult job. Therefore, cute guys try to trick it. It's not about optimizing the search engine, but forcing the ranking compiled by a search engine. I am often asked whether I have done that job beforehand. Indeed, I am quite familiar with keywords in building cross-concordance applications of huge libraries.
Ranking and relevance are implicitly correlated. That seems quite clear. So there are special guys around mixing a filth of "intelligent" keywords into the texts. In fact, if Google does not filter porn sites and other ugly stuff, we do not get any reasonable results. For example, searching Pirate Bay results sometimes in very disappointing results. A very destructive fight is going on.
But buzzwording is not limited to the net. Many people think they can judge people by looks. Others are asking for tools and years of usage. In Sistine Chapel, I never heard people questioning Michelangelo's brushes. But HR people think that this is the right approach of solving a complex issue. It is just poor. "The Express" has a nice incidental remark about a running back: "In fact, he is capable of any sport." Neither sport, information technology nor translating is about tools or words. To create something or perform a task depends on intrinsic capabilities. Tools change like colors. But basic technologies do not.

"LISTEN" and "SILENT" share the same letters. But many people are obviously not aware of it. "READ" and "REMEMBER" do not. Probably, that's the problem.
Politeness is a professional habit. It deals with concentration, listening, paraphrasing, feedback and agreement.

Just an opinion.