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XML Tool for Annual Reports in Bundesanzeiger

In order to publish annual reports or financial statements, the texts can be provided as XBRL files – a special XML schema for this kind of publication. Unfortunately, the tool has many restrictions (such as a maximum of 7 columns in a table) and is rather tough to edit. In addition, imported texts and data from Word or Excel can only be re-formatted with very basic options. For example, copy and paste is supported via a context menu (and not by Ctrl-C or Ctrl-V). Thus, some general advice on GFP – Good Formatting Practice:

  • Tables cannot contain more than 7 columns. Split all tables with more than 7 columns already in Word.
  • Tabs are converted to spaces. Transform all occurences of tabs into tables.
  • Alignment of texts and table cells must be checked beforehand in Word.
  • Headers and footers are not supported. Copy the relevant information into the general introductory section or into the headlines of the subsections.
  • Style sheets as simple as possible, in particular in regard of the headline numbering are recommended.
  • Bullet points do not work you might expected it, but are substituted by spaces.
  • Do all required amendments in WORD before importing the files.